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Flash controller

LED-flash controller are a perfect supplement for LED lights. This system consisting of controller and flashable light means a lot of advantages. Specially to highlight is the precise current control for an exact intensity control of the LEDs.

Moreover these LED lights can be overexposed (flashed) in performance several times, thus the light power is getting increased by a multiple. This enables therefore shorter exposure times for freezing an object movement or the selection of a higher number of aperture for more depth of field although when having a constant exposure.

Constant currents of the controller guarantee a constant light performance. This can be applied either in flash mode, as well as in a regulated permanent operation. To have more light in the application is moreover reducing interfering influences from the outside, thus any disturbances caused by daylight will be minimized or completely avoided.

Flash controller

Data sheets

Flash controller - Photo

  • Pulse times can be adjusted
    between 10 µs ... 50 ms
  • Strobe function up to 10 kHz
  • Constant current of up to 1,8 A
  • Stand by output
  • Trigger output for camera systems 
  • and peripheral devices
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