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Laser Distance Sensors

General description

di-soric laser distance sensors are used for precise measuring of distances down to the micrometer at diverse ranges.

Laser distance sensors LAT 51

LAT 51 laser distance sensors operate based on the triangulation method. The distance to the object is measured irrespective of the surface texture of the object and output as a standard analog signal. The usable analog acquisition range can be precisely defined by means of a user-friendly teach-in function. If an object is within this range, the output also includes a switch signal.

Laser distance sensors LAT 61

LAT 61 laser distance sensors feature an extremely high resolution with a small beam diameter. Thanks to the light design together with the high protection class, those devices are suited for direct mounting on movable machine parts such as robot arms.

The integrated electronic analysis circuitry with a digital display enables easy configuration of the sensor and fast visualisation of the measured distances. Two analog outputs and three configurable switch outputs send the information directly to a connected machine controller. 

Laser distance sensors LHT 9-45

LHT 9-45 laser distance sensors operate based on the light propagation time principle. Due to the high reproducibility and precision, they are used for positioning floor conveyors in high-bay warehouses, for speed regulation and for preventing collisions in electric suspended railways. 

These sensors can also be used as light scanners with background suppression up to a range of 10 m. 

Laser Distance Sensors
Laser Distance Sensors - Photo


  • Extremely high resolution
  • Very small laser spot 
  • Integrated confi guration display
  • 2 analog and 3 digital outputs
  • Timing-/ and multifunction input
  • Light construction for mounting on
    moving parts
  • High protection class 
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