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Privacy Policy

By using the di-soric website or web shop, the user agrees to the collection and processing of personal data stipulated herein below:


Responsible entity in accordance with the German Data Protection Code(Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) is di-soric GmbH & Co. KG, Steinbeisstraße 6, 73660 Urbach. This Privacy Policy only covers contents put on websites hosted under, not content of any linked websites.


Data will only be collected, processed and/or used by di-soric, if and insofar as such complies with the legal requirements or the user has given his consent.


The protection of personal data is important to di-soric and therefore di-soric uses respective technical means to ensure that any use of the online services offered is in compliance with the statutory provisions regarding data protection, especially the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the Tele Media Act (Telemediengesetz).


di-soric uses technical and organisational measures in order to protect the processed data against loss, manipulation or any unauthorized access by third parties.


The user may request information on what personal data is stored and is free to withdraw his consent to such storing at any time. He is free to enquire about and amend stored data or to have them deleted. In case of an explicit consent to the collection and processing of data, he may revoke his consent at any time without having to give reasons.



Use of Website


When visiting our website and with each request for any data, our webserver collects general information on such activity, in particular the IP-address of your PC, the time and length of your visit.


Such collection is being conducted in an anonymized way, so that the recorded data does not relate to a specific individual person. di-soric uses these data only for statistical purposes and will not disclose them to third parties.


di-soric uses Cookies. Cookies and Flash Cookies (Cookies) are small text files, which are transmitted from a webserver to a browser and will be sent back to the webserver by this browser at the time of the next access. They will be stored on your hard drive of your PC. You decide whether Cookies can be transmitted in the settings of your browser. In your browser´s Menu Option "Help", you will find an instruction on how not to allow your browser to accept Cookies or how to accept them only upon your approval.






Availability of our website might be limited, if you reject Cookies. Probably, specific online services do no longer operate.



Use of Web Shop


Without the express consent of the customer to the collection, recording, processing, transmission and use of personal data used in the course of the processing of an order, di-soric will only collect, record, process and use stock data and working data of the customer, if and insofar as required for the processing of the respective order.


If the customer wishes to make use of the web shop, he is being asked to declare his consent to the collection, recording, processing, transmission and use of personal data used in the course of the processing of an order by di-soric. This consent includes the transmission of personal data to delivery service providers commissioned by the seller and, if and insofar as necessary, to seller´s banking institute and also the use for marketing purposes.


The declaration of consent given will be recorded by di-soric.





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