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Label Sensors

The number of labels used in the market is steadily increasing. The range varies from transparent labels “non-label-look”, printed and partially metallized label up to booklets with integrated operating manual. In order to safely detect this variety of labels, mostly just to have one physical function principle for label sensors is not sufficient. Therefore, di-soric is offering a large program regarding that range.

Optical label sensors
are features by a very high switching frequency, a short response time and a high resolution. Large fork openings offer enough room for thicker label material. Versions with a very flat lower branch enable the detection of labels directly on the dispenser edge, guaranteeing a considerably increased precision of dispensing.

Capacitive label sensors
detect very thin as well as transparent labels and allow their exact positioning. Capacitive label sensors can also be used for the detection of double-layers as well as bonding points.

Ultrasonic label sensors
detect, despite their large fork opening, very thin and transparent film labels and offer enough space for thicker, folded labels. A clear operating menu with integrated display enables an intuitive adjustment of the sensor functions without operating manual.

Label Sensors
Label Sensors - Photo

Optical label sensors

  • Versions available for direct positioning
    on the dispenser edge
  • Very high switching frequency
  • Autoteach / remote teach /
    key-lock function
  • Large openings for booklets
  • Versions available with integrated
    memory location for up to 63 different

Ultrasonic Label Sensors

  • Detection of most different labels
  • Detection of splices, double layers
  • Autoteach / remote teach / key-lock
  • Integrated display for intuitive adjustment
  • Visible material values and thresholds
  • Extensive adjustment possibilities
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